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How To Create a WoW Private Server (using TrinityCore)

Hey all! I’m Lucas & World of Warcraft gamer from 2007-2011, I loved TBC and WotLK. Unfortunately, I deleted WoW in 2012 and never came back… Well, until today! In this post, I will create a Private Server of World of Warcraft (3.3.5a) based on TrinityCore.Time effort: 30-60 mins. What is TrinityCore? TrinityCore is an…

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Cloudflare Rule to Block Server Hosters

Hi all, Lucas here. Have you asked yourself “How can I block all network-traffic by servers”? If you run a big site that often gets attacked, you may want to block server hosters. Why doing that? Well… Botnets are often hosted on Server Hosting Networks (like OvH, Hetzner, Amazon) etc… So, let’s get started: About…

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Wordpress Speed
How to speed up your Wordpress Site

Hi all. Today I wanna speak about Speed optimization for your Wordpress site. With over¬† 10 years of using the Wordpress CMS, I’ve used many servers and techniques to run my site more stable. Worth to mention: I sorted this by priority. Which means: The stuff, that I mention first, are the most important. In…

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Openlitespeed Deadlock
How to fix Litespeed Deadlock

How to Fix “No Request Delivery Notification” Error in LSAPI Application Hi all. I’ve came across the topic on the Wordpress forums about the frustrating “No request delivery notification has been received from LSAPI application, possible dead lock” error on my Litespeed web server. This is the solution. (Thanks to Vishal) Understanding the Error Before…

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How to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error on Plesk Server

How to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error on Plesk Server Symptoms If your website hosted on a Plesk server is showing a “502 Bad Gateway” error, you may also encounter these error messages in the log files: [error] 14790#0: *188 upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream, client:, server:…

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Openlitespeed Varnish
How to Install Varnish for OpenLiteSpeed (Ubuntu)

How to Install Varnish for OpenLiteSpeed (Ubuntu) Varnish is a powerful open-source reverse proxy tool that enhances both the speed and security of your OpenLiteSpeed web server. It works by caching static content like images and JavaScript files, resulting in faster website loading times. Additionally, Varnish serves as a protective shield against various cyber threats,…

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